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Your Environmentally Friendly Wedding Photographer

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So many wedding couples are asking businesses – big and small – about their environmental or eco-friendly policy to protect the future of our planet. More and more brides are claiming they have intentionally sought out ‘eco-friendly suppliers’. Many of my couples have gone to great efforts to consider wedding favours and decorations for example, that are eco friendly and recycled. Even Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank vowed to have a plastic free Royal wedding!

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Kent wedding photographer Victoria Green Wedding Photography Tips

5 Things You Must Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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Okay, ‘5 Things You Must Tell Your Wedding Photographer’ sounds a bit dramatic. I wouldn’t have used the word ‘must’ if I hadn’t felt from my experience as a professional photographer, that if you can remember to do these things it will truly benefit your experience. It’s easy to forget in the midst of intense wedding planning to keep communication flowing with your suppliers. But I promise by doing this, you’ll foster fantastic relationships where they’ll understand your needs. And most importantly, you’ll get the best photographs. 

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Kent wedding photographer Victoria Green Wedding Photography Tips

Your Wedding Photography Contract & Covid-19

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I couldn’t find anything on Google search advising UK couples on what to look out for with their wedding photography contract in light of Covid-19. Sure, there’s lots of stuff kicking around on horrendous legal disputes between photographers and clients and some killer court cases in the US debating force majeure. But if you’re a bride now and your next step is booking a photographer, what should you be looking out for?

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Simple tips for taking amazing pics on your smartphone…

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As a parting gift for this year, here’s some useful tips for taking pics on your smartphone over the Christmas period. All the pictures you’ll see here have been taken on a very dodgy old Google Pixel 3 phone (no amazing smartphone with lots of features). They have had no digital retouching or special in-phone effects added.

I am going to demonstrate some basic photography skills to show you how to compose the best pics to share with family and friends.

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