Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to ask about booking a wedding photographer (and if by chance, I managed to miss something, you can message me here and I’ll add it in!).

How are you different to all the other Kent wedding photographers?

There are indeed lots of award winning Kent documentary wedding photographers. It’s a tough decision. But once you’ve seen my work and hopefully like what you see and my relaxed, candid style, it then boils down to personality and if you feel we’d be a good fit.

Many of my brides describe me as ‘like having a friend around on the day’. I’m professional, but fun and friendly and my background in Client services means I am very couple-centric. I endeavour to be super flexible and sensitive to different requirements. l tend to attract camera shy couples because I am not formal or force lock jaw poses. With me, you’ll get zero pressure. Lots of people love photography but dread their picture being taken. I get extreme gratification changing perceptions of someone who was dreading their picture being taken to enjoying the process.

I go on about it non-stop in my social media posts – I passionately believe:

Comfortable couples = Best pictures

So I go out of my way in the preparation to help you enjoy the process. And you can get on with your wedding most of the time blissfully unaware I am snapping my bottom off!

In light of covid-19, what is your policy if I need to change my wedding date?

I won’t charge you any administration fees for rescheduling your date – even if you decide to change from a weekday to a Saturday. Simply consult with me if you need to change your date and I will let you know my availability and confirm the new date in writing.

What happens if you can’t attend my wedding? For example, if you test positive for covid.

I have strong relationships alongside a group of very talented Kent based wedding photographers who I would be able to call upon should the need arise. Luckily, I have never needed to use them to date. But naturally, with Covid-19 there has been the need to increase my ‘back-up’ to more than just one Associate Photographer. Being a team means we can all support and stronghold each others’ businesses. And most importantly, give you the peace of mind.

Do you capture formal group shots? How do you go about it!?

Most couples request some formal group shots which usually take place after the ceremony and after some time with just the couple for portraits.

Nobody wants to be waiting around with an over-indulgent photographer being posed in different combinations on steps. I’ve been that wedding guest in a heat wave! We keep it efficient, speedy and with a splash of fun so people can get on with enjoying your wedding.

My method is getting together a typed out shot list before so we are ready to roll on the day. You select what I call a ‘go to’ person (usually a bestman, bridesmaid or sibling). Someone who is characteristically bossy, loves name calling and knows a majority of the people attending. We work together to herd people so its a fun and painless process.

It is completely up to you how long it takes depending on how many shots are on your list. I would say the average time is 15-20 minutes.

Most of my time will be spent capturing documentary photography – natural storytelling capturing all the candid moments of the day. Nothing needs to be staged or posed – it’s perfect as it is!

Will you work after the first dance?

Absolutely! I love capturing all the dance moves and celebrations well into the night. I charge £85 per hour after the first dance. You are welcome to decide on extra hours later on. I only shoot one wedding a day so I am highly likely to be available! Simply drop me a line by email or whats app and I’ll confirm my revised timings.

Why do you not offer albums in your Gold Storytelling Package?

Lots of couples like to manage their own print and production. To keep my most popular Gold Storytelling Package as affordable as possible, I feel it’s better to not add it on so you’re having to pay for something you may not require (it is the same reason I offer engagement shoots as an extra rather than bundling it in and charging more when you don’t want it).

Couples that would love an album can order one separately as an extra.

Do you have backup equipment and liability insurance?

I am fully insured and always carry backup equipment – i.e. spare Canon camera body, backups of all my lenses, flashguns, spare batteries and cards (two formats).

I have an ultra paranoid method of backing up your photos after the wedding day itself…

  • Photos are ALWAYS backed up on the day.
  • Photos are backed up on four separate hard disks and an additional two machines. One disk is stored in a secret location (very MI5!) And also on a different server online.

That’s an insight into OCD…..!

I’m looking for a videographer too. Can you help?

I partner with the very talented Aidan Willis.

Check out more details on our joint photography-videography package here.

I have heard you’re experienced supporting children & adults on the Autistic Spectrum. Tell me more.

I am proud I can utilise my training to support couples and families with members on the Autistic Spectrum. Currently supporting two of my couples, I’m offering complementary home sessions to their children so they can get comfortable and familiar with me and my cameras before the big day.

In the past, I have also supported teenagers and children’s portrait sessions. I don’t cap my time with family / childrens’ portrait sessions anyway. As I mentioned before, I am all about zero pressure. We all know what happens to children when we try and rush them (and grown-ups for that matter)!

If you’d like to see my son Seb & I talk about the gifts and positive side to having autism we prepared for Autism Acceptance week, please click here.

Everyone is different and has a different relationship with photography. Please contact me so we can have a chat in person or Zoom.

How do I book you? What are the next steps?

First steps are for us to have a chat so I can hear more about your special day. We can meet in person, chat on Zoom or Whats app or on the phone. Whatever is easier for you.

To check my availability for your wedding date and arrange a chat, you can use my contact form here, or drop me a what’s app / text on 07824159618. Or send me an email: [email protected]

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Message me to book a chat. Text or WhatsApp on 07824159618. Email me at