Let’s talk about Natural Storytelling

Here’s a just over 2 minute video on why Natural Storytelling wedding photography is the perfect style of shooting for your wedding day.

Natural Storytelling is at the heart of everything I do and believe in as a wedding photographer.

Ultimately, your wedding pictures should be an absolute reflection of what you saw and experienced on your special day.

Natural Storytelling wedding photography is all about…

✔️ Making couples and wedding guests feel super comfortable because I passionately believe comfortable people take the best possible pictures.

✔️ Blending into the background, letting the events of the day unfold without interfering or creating anything artificial. You have planned your day exactly how you desired it to be so there isn’t any need for funny unnatural angles staring up people’s noses!

✔️ Leaving your guests to enjoy the day and relax through offering gentle, appropriate art direction. As stealth walking ninjas, us documentary photographers pride ourselves on going unnoticed for a lot of the time. You might not notice your picture has been taken because you’ve been allowed to get on with your business. No-one attending a wedding wants to feel bossed around by the photographer. I’ve been a dehydrated wedding guest during a heatwave. I’ve steadily crisped away, while being forced to pose awkwardly on steps for well over an hour. I promise that’s the opposite of natural storytelling because happy people in group shots make fantastic group shots.

✔️ Going easy on the post production. Your wedding day needs to look like your wedding day with all the colours and lighting as it appeared. It’s your story and not something that’s fiction. Natural storytelling isn’t about tinkering with saturation levels – making things look mute or alternatively, overly zesty.

✔️ Capturing all the details – 1/ Everything you have planned (all the micro details from wedding favours to stationary). 2/ All the things that you haven’t planned for (children being unpredictable, your brother bursting into tears, Uncle Bob drinking too much on the dance floor).

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