Let’s talk about Natural Storytelling

A just over 2 minute video on why I call myself a Natural Storytelling photographer and why it’s the perfect shooting style for your wedding day.

“Natural Storytelling” is at the heart of everything I do and believe in as a wedding photographer.

Ultimately, when you receive your wedding pictures they should be an absolute reflection of what you saw and experienced on your wedding day.

Natural storytelling is all about…

* Making couples and guests super comfortable so they look comfortable and like themselves.

* As a photographer, blending into the background. Letting the events of the day unfold without interfering or creating anything artificial. It’s amazing as it is!

* Gentle art direction so guests can enjoy the wedding day and relax. Ideally much of the time, you shouldn’t be aware your picture is being taken!

* Going easy on the post production. Your wedding day needs to look like your wedding day with all the colours and lighting as it appeared. It’s your story and not something that’s fiction.

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